Slow and Healthy: Slobbie Restaurant in Hongdae

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I recently found myself in Hongdae with my friend at a vegetarian (yet had meat options) kind of restaurant. My friend has been staying with me these past few weeks as she is in between jobs and needs a place to crash. Her stay has been helpful towards some fun nights.

Anyways, she is a vegetarian and I figured why not find a suitable restaurant for her while she tags along with me to Hongdae for a haircut.

Using google I found the restaurant 까페 슬로비 (Cafe Slobbie). But pronounce the "slo" part like "slow", okay. Also I didn't bring my camera (it was a heavy rainy day), so you will just have to do with Instagram photos.

Located on a street nearby Hongdae station exit 9, instructions to follow, and up on the fifth floor is this oasis of a cafe / restaurant. Sure in Hongdae you can find cafes with sheep, sit amongst cats or even paint a small doll. But you would know that Hongdae is a crowded place with many young folks and couples taking up the space.

However, the interior of Cafe Slobbie was decorated with natural furnishings and had an open airy space.

The menu is broken up into lunch time selections and then meal time options (available after 5pm). Along with coffee, tea, alcohol and desserts. They had a lovingly tofu section on the menu and also a place that listed where they get their food. Nothing was spared and you could find out where they get their tofu from.

We ordered a tofu and black sesame dressing salad along with the sweet and sour tofu dish. Both tasted fresh, simple and satisfyingly tasty.

The tofu and black sesame dressing salad (above), was quickly devoured by my friend. Since I'm not a vegetarian I would say it had her approval. I for one enjoyed the fresh flavors and varying textures.

The sweet and sour tofu dish was a fun medley of fried tofu and assorted vegetables in a sweet and tangy sauce, which wasn't too heavy. I especially enjoyed the crispness of the cucumbers and carrots in the mix.

To get to this cafe head out of exit 9 from Hongdae station and make a left into the street area. Then turn right from the corner with the Dunkin Donuts on it and head up this street. Keep your eye out on the left side for the sign on the fifth floor. It's above an Olive cosmetic store.

If you are in Hongdae and have a craving for healthy and thoughtful food then come to this restaurant. The owner was nice enough to serve us a tasting of some makkoli that she said was unique. Also the place has for sale some handmade items and generally the atmosphere is very relaxed.


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