Seonyudo Park: In the spring time

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As you might recall I wasn't having the best of times at the Yeouido Flower festival, and so headed to a familiar park nearby. After checking my digital smart-phone App I found that Seonyudo park was just down the river.

It had been since around 2010 since my last visit and so knew I needed to head there again. Since then a whole new subway line opened, which brings you closer to the park. Seonyudo station lets you exit and walk up a street to a covered bridge, which crosses the great highway.

You might recognize the following view, only with out the filters I applied to it for my blog header.

One of the fun parts of visiting this park is the humped bridge crossing you take to get over.

Spring seemed to be in a jolly mood on this little island in the center of Seoul, as greenery and flowers were found.

I parked myself under a shady tree and had a small lunch of a Caffe Bene sandwich, along with some tteok cakes I picked up. It was a wonderful moment enjoying watching the people pass by, and the pleasantness of a new spring day.

Afterwards, I explored around admiring the flower blossoms. Warning spring amazingness!

The amount of couples prowling about were quite a plenty. It made me wonder how long these relationships would last, or whether the spring air would help keep love strong out there in the love mingling of Seoul.

Otherwise the kids were enjoying the new warmth in the air. I like the following view of Seoul through these yellow blooms.

When you visit Seonyudo park you basically just follow this circular path that takes through the greenery, but then you approach the architectural historic aspects. Not to mention it had mountain peaks taken off, and became a sewage plant. This place is fun to poke around to find all these remnants of history. I found myself at the botanical garden and the sewage treatment remnants.

The park was just starting to get more crowded as I headed out, so I was glad to get some feeling of space in there. On my way back to the subway station, I found myself at what looked like a new minted cafe. Called, "Ipanema" they had a selection of coffees and cool drinks. Staffed by some cute youngins, I enjoyed a blueish lemonade.

I'm telling you, if the rest of Seoul wants to restore itself with these hipster cafes, then I'm all for it! In fact this little stretch of street in Seoul had other cafes and restaurants which looked new, too. Although, many will think it is best to keep Seoul in it's traditional form, I think getting rid of the eye-sore store fronts and million signs, is going to be a blessing.

Anyways, I highly recommend you get out to Seonyudo park, as one of the more green places to visit in this city. You can get great views, have a picnic and cross some fun bridges.


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