School Field Trip: Back to the Children's Grand Park

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The kids are a year older and the time had finally come to go on our first field trip of the year. We headed to Children's Grand Park, and this time had some new treats to see. The park, like last time, was brimming with spring flowers.

Whenever the petals were falling off the trees and making a rain effect, the kids "Oooed and Ahhhed". Our first stop was to see an animal show, which involved some monkeys, cats, seals and birds.

The show was overall fun to watch, and entirely in Korean. Except for when a parrot started singing the A, B, C's. Birds flew over head and a few kids were called down to volunteer to do stuff. It was the Aladdin story so I was able to get the gist of it all. The best part, I thought was when a cat came out of a box and leaped across platforms that were very high up.

After that fun and exciting show, the kids were hungry so we headed to an open field and had lunch under the cherry blossoms.

At some point a large group of seniors arrived and we realized that we were on their blanket (we found it empty when we got there), so we had to move. But all together it was a good lunch under the shade and the kids were sent out for a treasure hunt after their meal. My lunch was a sandwich I brought along from Paris Baguette, and some rice snacks.

After lunch and the quick games, we headed for a walkthrough of the zoo. I didn't particularly like this part of the trip, as it was crowded, hot and the kids were pushing everyone out of their way.

It was a fun day, and our next trip will be in June (they cut back the amount of trips this year). Generally nice to get out of the classroom and run around with the kiddos.


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