Schinster’s Street Drama

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Last week I had the pleasure of being introduced to an amazing photographer who grew up in Ulsan and has since moved on to become one of most interesting photographers I have met. Schinster as he calls himself grew up around downtown Ulsan and has returned to show some of his amazing works.

Currently, his work is showing at Gallery Arioso in downtown Ulsan, near the intersection by the old “Benchwarmers Alley”. The space is smaller than what you expect but the photos will captivate you. Gallery Arioso is located a few blocks straight down from the Seungnam-dong Fire Station, towards the library and School. Just keep walking until you see the Morning Mart (near where Benchwarmers used to be) and stop. You will be right in front of the gallery entrance.

Schinster’s style of photography is impressive as he uses an amazing sense of composition which calls his “stage” and then builds a composite image using the select “actors” or people that he has found interesting to create his fantastic images. The combination of these elements creates photos that are deliberate and beautiful.

Schinster’s work seems so natural to the eye that it simply cannot be written off as a gimmick or photoshop trick. His concept tells a story through his eyes that is beautifully composed and believable.  It is not until he tells you the story behind his photos that you are aware of the painstaking process that he used in selecting his subjects.

Schinster puts a lot of thought into the staging of his pieces often taking thousands of shots just to find that perfect moment to create. What you see is an expression of a very cerebral artist and photographer. This unique style of photography will not doubt take Schinster to great places.

I encourage you to head down to Shinae before the exhibition closes on November 22nd to get a chance to see Schinster’s art and hopefully get a chance to talk to the man himself before he heads back up to Seoul. I had a great time chatting with him over the weekend and I felt closer to the art community here and it also made me think more about my own work.

You can check out his work on line as well in the link below.

Schinster’s Website
Gallery Arioso can be found 2 blocks north of the Shinae fire station. Walking from the fire station head away from CGV and the river and it will be at the 2nd intersection on the 3rd floor.



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