Saturday with Stella + Chris

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Last Saturday, Aaron and I met up with our friends Chris and Stella at Beomeosa Temple for a couple shoot of the two of them!  The full post will probably go up on the photography blog sometime this weekend, but for now I'll leave you with this behind the scenes photo of our dressing room area! lol  Chris and Stella brought just about 1/2 of their closet, which was a photographer's dream - we had so many great choices! We all decided that a rustic feel would be perfect for the location of their shoot - kind of a Ralph Lauren look with a bit of funk, and they pulled it off perfectly!  

After a couple hours of shooting out by the temple and getting some great images, we called it a wrap and jumped on the subway, headed to their apartments in PNU!  Their separate apartments are on the same floor of their building, with 1 apartment in between!  Talk about convenient, huh?! 

Stella home cooked a delicious Italian feast for the four of us; yummy spaghetti, delicious breaded eggplant something or rather, and a healthy salad - and this girl finished her first entire glass of red wine with dinner!  My heart thanked me after. :)  

We had so much fun with these two and stayed up hanging out till the early morning hours!  It's a shame that in February we'll be parting from all of these great friendships that we've formed while living in Korea, but lucky for us, Chris is from South Carolina, so I'm sure we'll see the two of them when they come to visit family in the state!  Here's hoping! :) 


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