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Ever since I left my dad's house to attend community college in Humboldt County (Eureka, CA), it feels like I have been a nomad. I think it's a symptom of my age, where we don't settle in one place. But this allows one to explore and see the world as they move around. That is why as I find myself packing things up and heading to Seattle, I know I'll be ready for what's ahead.

I also find it somewhat iconic to be going from one big city to the next. In San Francisco I worked at an insurance company that was right in front of the Pyramid building, and a block from Chinatown. 

Living in San Francisco, for the most part, was where I gained my city feet and learned how to survive in the urban environment. Having come from Eureka, a town of probably just a thousand people set against the deep redwood forests, living in the city was certainly new. When I decided to come to Korea I wondered if I was prepared for Seoul life, a city of millions. 

I left the triangular tower and came to Seoul with it's iconic Namsan Tower set in the center of everything. 

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What really can prepare you to live in a city of millions of people? Everywhere you go, whenever you go is crowded or never really empty. Life flows on the streets so abundantly here that the buzz only dies down on certain holidays. But this doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It just means this is a city that beats and constantly spins to it's own rhythm due to the number of people and it's culture. I've often felt when visiting back home in my dad's small town an eerie feeling of the lack of people around. Seoul is a vibrant city with so much going on that you hardly need to dig deep to find meaningful experiences. 

Leaving Seoul behind is a hard decision as it is a city that has truly grown on to me. I have felt like I fit in here after so many years. But it's time to look forward and onward, and this time the place of interest is Seattle.

I have never been to Seattle, and in fact it will be the Northwestern most point in America that I will end up in. People tell me it's a fun and great city to live in and I believe them. From what I've read the place is buzzing with good food, live music and an eclectic scene of artists and creative people. 

Already I've found museums and parks that I want to explore, and with Canada right up top I might take an adventure there too. Since I'll be a student they have plenty of cozy cafes to warm up in with my laptop or books. And libraries!! Yes, Korea has libraries but you know..wasn't the same. 

It's going to be a new place to discover and I hope to get involved in the community and get to know what makes Seattle buzz. 

Anyway, just wanted to share this interesting set of facts about my life. Winter is here in Korea and I have to keep warm thoughts as the temperatures drop down. So here is looking ahead to the future and appreciating where I have been in the past. Cheers!


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