Salty Citrus-y Mackerel

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I have to say that this recipe is AWESOME!


And that’s not to say that the other recipes that I post aren’t. They’re good too. But this recipe is seriously fantastic. Unless you don’t like fish. orangemackerel (29 of 31)

I confess, I didn’t actually start eating mackerel until about maybe 5 months ago. I never tried it in Canada, probably because it isn’t that common- and so I didn’t really think about trying it here in Korea when I saw it at the grocery store. What a mistake!! If you like salmon- then you will probably LOVE mackerel. It’s better. Well I don’t know. I guess I haven’t eaten salmon in ages so I can’t really compare it. But seriously- mackerel is an incredible fish. Yes it’s high in fat, but fish oil is so good for you. orangemackerel (25 of 31)

The orange-y lime citrus dressing really works with the fish here! And the soy and fish sauces add a salty element that I absolutely love.

orangemackerel (31 of 31)

Another thing about this recipe that makes it great is that it’s excellent for food prep. I make one batch, and because of the dressing, the leftovers actually taste better, because they absorb more flavour! Also, its great for refreezing because of the same thing- much more flavour is locked in, and as a result, you can pull out a delicious meal for later in the week.

Salty and Citrus-y Mackerel 

orangemackerel (28 of 31)Ingredients:

1 kg mackerel fillets- skin on (I used frozen, defrosted fillets)
1 knob of ginger, finely diced
1-3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp orange juice
1 tbsp lime juice
zest of one orange
1 packet stevia, or sugar equivalent


1. Zest orange. I don’t have a zester, so I cut off the peel and then chopped it up.
2. Combine all dressing ingredients, set aside
3. Heat a frying pan to very very hot. Sear mackerel fillets on both sides for 3-4 minutes until crispy, then lower heat until cooked through. I covered my pans with a lid because the oil starts spattering and smoking like crazy! Make sure your fan is going!
4. Transfer the cooked fillets to your dressing, and gently distribute the fillets so they all get a chance to sit in the liquid. Serve.

Servings: 8-10

orangemackerel (1 of 31) garlic and ginger orange peel diced fish sauce soy sauce orange juice lime juice stevia combine orangemackerel (11 of 31) orangemackerel (12 of 31) Sear until crispy on both sides orangemackerel (16 of 31) orangemackerel (15 of 31) orangemackerel (13 of 31) Transfer to dressing orangemackerel (18 of 31)

orangemackerel (20 of 31)

orangemackerel (23 of 31)I haven’t tried this dressing with other meats or seafood but definitely will. It’s so good. Very fresh and summery. I like it so much that I can’t wait to make it for my mom when she comes here to visit me in August. Yes- it’s that good.

orangemackerel (25 of 31)

orangemackerel (31 of 31)

Have you tried mackerel before? What is your favourite kind of fish?


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