ReLEx SMILE: myths or truth?

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ReLEx SMILE: myths or truth?

These days many people heard about ReLEx SMILE surgery, which is a type of laser vision correction used to correct myopia and astigmatism.

Though it is becoming more and more popular, still some people have wrong ideas and myths about the procedure. Here are some of those myths and the truth revealed.


SMILE laser eye surgery is still new and developing, so it is not safe

While it is true that SMILE is a relatively new procedure when compared to LASIK, that does not mean that it lacks safety or effectiveness. Multiple studies have examined SMILE refractive surgery and found it to be a safe and useful procedure for correcting nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Surgeons in the USA, Europe and Asia successfully use SMILE and receive high satisfaction from patients.


My prescription is too severe to be treated

For nearsightedness and astigmatism SMILE laser eye surgery is capable of treating the vast majority of cases as long as other eye health problems are not present. 

Basically SMILE surgery is possible until -8 to -9 diopters. The best way to discover if your case qualifies for SMILE refractive surgery is to visit clinic for pre-surgery examination and consultation.

BGN Eye Hospital Busan provides free Vision Correction surgery examination and consultation for all patients who would like to check whether they are the candidates for the procedure.

Surgery is painful, and if I blink something could go wrong

Many people have trouble controlling their blinking when faced with pain or discomfort which is natural! Luckily, the developers of SMILE laser eye surgery planned for this.  The procedure involves the use of anesthetic eye drops to numb the nerves of the eye, and a speculum and suction is employed to ensure that your eye stays in place throughout the procedure. 

Surgeons ensure that the conditions are safe before they begin the procedure, and the total duration of the treatment is only 7 to 10 minutes, with laser work of about 30 seconds. Patients who had the procedure have all reported that the surgery itself is painless.

Recovery from the treatment can involve some discomfort for several hours, but is quite manageable, and the eye should completely recover only a few days after the procedure. Other forms of LASIK eye surgery involve more nerve interaction and take longer to heal, so SMILE  actually offers improvements on the pain and recovery side.

SMILE surgery requires a long recovery

When compared to other surgeries, this is not the case. There is a day out for the surgery, of course, and patients may feel discomfort several hours after the procedure, so they are recommended to stay indoors. 

But in most cases patients can get back to normal life, work and studies already on the next day! And full vision stabilization comes within 2 weeks.

The results will not be permanent, and further surgeries will be necessary 

There is a possibility of the secondary vision decrease (2-5%) after any kind of laser vision correction. The probability of the secondary vision decrease depends not on the type of the surgery but on the patient`s prescription and individual corneal conditions.

If patient has enough corneal thickness for the secondary surgery, BGN Eye Hospital guarantees free secondary procedure in case of secondary vision decrease.

To find if you are a candidate for SMILE or other vision correction surgeries contact BGN Busan for free examination and consultation. 


010-7670-3995 (7/24) or kakao: eye1004bgnbusan.
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