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Spring is springing, and we are changing things up a little this month!  We have long been advocates for makgeolli’s rather under-praised cousin, cheongju (also referred to as yakju).   Cheongju is the golden yellow liquid that separates from the sediment during fermentation of makgeolli, and can be just as tasty as it’s milky counterpart.

맑은술 gwahaju

Bottle servings 맑은술









Born from the same process, makgeolli and cheongju are fatefully intertwined, though makgeolli often gets more of the spotlight. Closer in style to Japanese sake and at times not unlike a Chardonnay, cheongju has in recent years been getting a bit more attention.

맑은술 with bed

맑은술 inside






We have just found a bar in Jongno that actually dedicates itself entirely to this style of drink, and we are keen to see how it holds up!  Featuring a fridge full of golden booze (which is impressive considering its relative rarity) in a rather quaint setting, this bar even includes a bunk-bed in the corner for those that just need a nap.


For anyone who would like to check out this interesting spot, send an email to to sign up :)

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