Registration For August 22nd Open!

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So Mamas & Papas it’s that time again. Another 3 weeks passed since out last meeting at the lovely Manjok in Hongdae, and It’s time for us to go out and enjoy the brews and review another Makgeolli bar.

The Helen

This meeting will take us south of the river to a place that we visited last fall and were very impressed with. However, since our last visit the store has moved to a different location, and we have been dying to check it out!

How would you like to join us for a laid back evening of fine makgeolli, scrumptious food and hearty banter? Any interested parties should send us a little email to, and we will pop you on the list and give you the full details of the meeting in our follow up. Easy as Makgeolli pie.

Makgeolli Mamas & Papas


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