Reflective practice for my fitness lifestyle.

Printer-friendly versionHere's some reflective practice for my fitness lifestyle.

Firstly, it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, your thoughts and experiences of the world are true to you and that's all that matters. If you think or feel a certain way because of something or other, than that's exactly how you feel. Why do you have to be punished for thinking or feeling a certain way. There is no thought police - people may try to pressure you to conform to their own views because they want to feel or be powerful, but seriously screw that, it doesn't matter.

Secondly, I want to just go through and talk about How I've been progressing like this.

So reflective practice is just about doing whatever, and then thinking how to get to some certain goal or preferred state faster or more efficient or to reduce initial problems that arose during the early stages.

So, the point is this:

There's two main stages:

The first is to lose fat/cardio/burn calories - which has nothing do to with losing or gaining/building muscle.
The point here is just to "move your body" in order to burn off calories which (if ur diet is good) will burn fat and make u slimmer. However, even if u have a good diet and "move ur body" in order to burn off calories, then u won't be strong or fit or buff or toned. U will just be getting a smaller body overall - burning fat off ur stomach, off ur legs, off ur buttocks, off ur arms and face.

So, the second stage is about building muscle and getting more buff/toned/strong.
This is where u need the calories, u need to eat the brown rice in order to get the energy to work out, and in order to get the extra calories to build muscle. Without eating right in this stage u can't change nothing. U need to eat good to have the energy to workout hard. U can't just be eating vegetables starving urself (like in the first stage) and go about thinking u will build up ur muscles and go hard. It just can't be done.

Some will say that these stages are just bulking and cutting, but those terms have false mental impressions when being said. People thinking bulking is just eating whatever u want to get the calories and then just go to the gym. But if u go like that, u just get fat with a little muscle. Nothing good, just wasting time. U still need to have a good diet, and make sure it's in line with ur gym workouts.

For cutting people think it's just all about diet and eating nothing, i.e. reducing the calories, but u should be working out in the right way. That doesn't just mean going to the gym like u normally do when u want to gain muscle, u need to change paces and go something different.
The easiest way to say the type of this is "move ur body".
Why? People choose a particular type of exercise and just stay in it forever. But what that actually does is limit ur options - it's not just about cardio, e.g. running, biking, swimming, marathon training etc. u can do anything just as long as u are moving ur body and burning calories.
The goal should be just to burn a lot of calories (say 1000 calories) in a somewhat efficient time. It can't be too efficient, because efficiency to the extreme just means that u will be dead the next day and wont do anything else for the next year because the exercise was too hard. But it cant be too easy/relaxing either like just walking for an hour, because then u wont be doing anything, u wont be burning any calories because it isnt intense enough.
Also u can be doing anything, literally anything - just as long u r moving ur body. U can do swimming, running, weights, biking, dancing, long distance, sprints, etc., etc. just as long as u keep moving and burning calories (more calories over and above than what u normally do day to day).
So its not bout building a master plan and thinking - just follow this recipe and ill build a magnificent  cake of a body. No, it's all about social pressure and movement.
Social pressure to keep u in board even when its the 5th week and u dont feel like doing anything, but the people/community/deadlines r making ur inner crazy deadline mode come into play where it pushes u to move because u just have to.
And movement, because the point is u just gotta keep doing it. Why make some plan for the 8th week or even 2nd week, when u dont know what u will be like then or what u feel like then or where u will actually be there mentally and physically? U want to follow ur emotions, ur motivations in whatever place it takes u. So why would u force urself through a locked door when right next door there is an open door where ur feelings want to take u? Just as long as u keep working on the big goal - and the big goal is just to keep moving ur body with the aim of burning calories in a certain time frame. As long as u are doing that, why does it matter about the specifics? Perfect methods dont exist. Perfect groups of methods also dont exist. The only thing that will make u keep doing is the big stick that other people hold, and also ur own internal drive to do whatever it is as long as it helps move ur bar more towards where u want to go (i.e. keep ur ody moving and burn calories within a certain time frame). Easy yeah? - look here for refreshing teaching strategies and reflective practice.


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