Reading List: Days and Dreams by Kang Seok-kyeong

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My Reading List section has mostly been focused on academic works about homosexuality in Korea, but I see no reason why it shouldn't include fictional works that touch on homosexual themes.

In Days and Dreams, Kang Seok-kyeong depicts the world of prostitution during the Korean Civil War. Many of the prostitutes, including the narrator, have come from poor backgrounds, but though their material wealth increases through their line of work, this comes, of course, at a dehumanizing cost for selling their bodies to foreigners. One of the central characters, Sun-ja, typifies the search for escape with her willingness to pursue a relationship with a lesbian in the American military. Although ti is unclear whether or not Sun-ja is interested in females, it is clear that she is willing to believe the impractical if it results in getting away from the 'island' of prostitution. 

The story is available in the short story collection Words of Farewell, which can be found over at Amazon. I have not found it available online.