A Pox on Both Hacks

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Losers Regardless of the OutcomePutative Democratic party nominees for the U.S. Senate from Florida, Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene are piling up a record of a whole lot of nonsense, even though Greene seems to be more adept at dishing out dirt.

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek and Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene sound pretty similar on most issues, but it’s increasingly clear these guys really don’t like each other.

In a conference call Wednesday, Meek and his campaign manager called Greene a liar and accused him of trying to buy the Democratic nomination for Senate.

Meek said Greene doesn’t want Floridians “to know who he really is.” He said “time after time” Greene has shown he is willing to “lie to the people of Florida.” And taking a shot at Greene’s gold-plated lifestyle — he owns three jets, an oceanfront mansion and a 145-foot yacht — Meek said, “the state of Florida is not another acquisition.”

Within an hour, the Greene campaign returned fire with a press release mocking Meek’s upcoming 10-day bus tour.

,p>Referring to it as “The Crooked Express,” Greene’s camp continued to cast Meek as a failed, career politician with ties to a developer who has been indicted for taking money that was supposed to build a bio-pharmaceutical facility in South Florida.

The developer gave Meek’s mother a job as a local lobbyist, but Meek, who was seeking federal money for the project, has said he did not know that.

My advice to Charlie Crist: silence is worth a million votes…and MINE!

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