Poop bread 동빵 ♥ Disgustingly Cute Korean Street Snack

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Today I have an extremely amusing and delicious Korean snack to share with you~ Poop Bread!

Yes that is right, here in Korea you can get yummy hot cakes in the shape of poo made warm every hour. Before some of you gasp too loud keep in mind, Koreans do not find this the same level of gross as other countries~ poop is cute and fun here, so this is a treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family…. as disturbing as that is to type for me ^^;

♥ ♥ ♥

Just like Monster Cupcake~ do not forget that weird can also be yummy!

While Korea is home to several other poop-themed snacks (I will be linking these on a later date, so stay tuned!) one of the most prominent offerings currently comes from the chain 동빵 Dong Bang. 동빵 started off in 2009 on a trial basis, but officially launched in 2011 and has since grown to over 15 locations throughout Korea as a franchise, 4 currently in Seoul that I will list at the bottom of this post!

The shops tend to move around yearly, so if you happen to spot one make sure you give them a try!

The snack itself is very simple in concept like the popular street food 계란빵 Egg Bread or 붕어빵 Carp Bread (aka Taiyaki)~ warm sweet batter is placed in a shaped mold followed by a dollop of filling! After a moment they are closed, flipped, and in a few minutes your warm and slightly crispy treat is complete and pops right out of the tray!

Korean Poop Bread at the chain 동빵 is made fresh every few minutes & has no artificial coloring or preservatives!

동빵 vs 똥빵

The name “Poop Bread” should be spelled 똥빵 Ddong Bbang, but the Korea chain I am blogging about today uses the unique spelling 동빵 Dong Bang~ so its a softer “D” vs the actual word for poop.  We called the CEO and he stated the reason behind this was he felt awkward using 똥 in the food he’s selling, so he decided to call it “동” which can also mean “bronze”.

♥ ♥ ♥

Another (more likely) reason is because another brand of Poop Bread exists in Insadong run by the character brand Dalki! This 똥빵 (pictured above) is a famous treat in the area and was founded just a few months before 동빵 so chances are this is just a copyright issue.

** I will be doing a dedicated blog post on Dalki Insadong Poop Bread very soon!**

So how much do these yummy poop bread treats from 동빵 cost? Just 500원 a cake, that’s about 50 cents!! as of Feb 2013 they have raised the price to 700원 each. Kind of a bummer, but still really cheap.

♥ ♥ ♥

If you want several you can also get a box deals of 10 or 20 for a reduced rate ~ the sizes are fairly decent so these are a great deal for the money if you want just a few for snacking or feel like buying a whole box with friends. Usually 2 or 3 is enough for me if I am in a snacking mood.

Poop Bread from 동빵 comes in a nice selection of flavors, although aside from the basics it is up to each location which extra flavors they do wish to carry~ so some may have more choices vs others! The main filling of most is more of a pudding flavor VS something overly sweet (so chocolate pudding vs melted chocolate in the center) and the result is a really nice and happy balance of sweetness.

All of the flavors taste delicious~and a few you can tell are made just to be a bit potty humor-friendly with the theme ^^;

♥ ♥ ♥

Chocolate- light milk chocolate pudding

Vanilla- light vanilla pudding

Strawberry- Semi sweet pink strawberry pudding

Green Tea- very mild and slightly sweet green tea pudding (hard to find now, possibly retired)

Red Bean- Have not tried this yet! We are assuming it is a bit softer and more pudding-like vs normal bean paste

Corn Vanilla- better than it sounds, it is a vanilla pudding with bits of sweet corn mixed in

Caramel Peanut – a sweet caramel pudding with crushed peanuts mixed in.

Cheese- newest flavor! This one tastes like a sweet dessert cheese filling, very subtle. Reminded me of Ricotta cake.

♥ ♥ ♥

If you are thirsty, most 동빵 Dong Bang Poop Bread locations have drinks on the menu, although the selection ranges from location to location! Some just have simple coffee while others expand the menu to cover tea, lattes, smoothies, hot chocolate, or even yoghourt blends. I can not say if these are any good since I always just stick to the breads when I stop by a booth, the drinks are just an extra to grab on the go if you need them. Sadly no crazy poop latte art!

After waiting in line (because Poop Bread usually has a line!) You walk up to the cash register and tell them how many of each flavor you would like to buy.  If you have a hard time with Korean you can just say the flavor and hold up your fingers with how many you want, or often they will have some ready-made in little baskets you can point to as well~ don’t reach out and grab it yourself though.

If the flavor you want is not ready you will have to wait a moment while they make more~ this takes a few minutes, but is fun to watch and poop bread tastes the best when it is hot!

once the batter is in the mold it is time to add the fillings! They generally work on one flavor at a time per tray.

One dollop in each piece~ it is always a perfect amount!

Once the fillings are in place they join the two trays and clamp them shut for several minutes to finish baking and become delicious ♥ this part seems like forever when you are hungry and waiting for one!

when they are finally done the mold is opened to reveal the golden brown cake in a cute shape! Each piece has the excess batter quickly knocked away before it is added to the baskets to be sold to customers.

If you have not noticed yet, Poop Bread from 동빵 comes in two shapes depending on what mold they feel like using at the time~  a happy pile of poop or the little girl mascot character with pigtails.

Many of my photos in this article came from a new location that still was not using the official uniforms~ pity because they are really cute! Most staff normally have on a poop hat as part of the uniform, would you wear that at work? I totally would haha!

Finally time to enjoy some of our yummy Poop Bread!  I prefer these warm right off the press, but they do keep overnight somewhat~ they are just not as fluffy.  It is best to buy what you know you will eat at the time vs hoarding them though, its just not the same!

♥ ♥ ♥

Careful if you get them fresh baked though, the centers need a minute to cool off and firm up slightly~ they can have that liquid hot magma thing going on for the first 5 min till they properly cool! Burned tongue on poop bread is not fun!

So what are our favorite flavors to order? Well I like chocolate the best so I always order a few of those, but I also love to order at least one or two caramel peanut flavors and a cheese one just because.  Nara loves the vanilla and vanilla corn flavors! The taste of the bread is a really nice semi-sweet sort of cake, think maybe like a fluffy pancake~ it is extremely similar to the sweet batter they use for Egg Bread here.  The result is a nice warm and satisfying treat that you can eat a whole bag of and not feel sick from the sweetness…. and hey, its shaped like poo so that is a conversation starter if you have friends visiting!

Poop Bread Dong Bang Locations

Poop Bread is a new franchise that started up in 2011 with about 15 locations throughout Korea currently, 4 in Seoul.  All the locations are usually fairly crowded so I see this spreading to even more spots as it continues to grow~ or at least I hope so!

♥  ♥  ♥

You can find a listing in Korean (and English) on the official 동빵 Poop Bread website, but like many Korean websites they are not always extremely up to date so call to confirm before traveling super far~ just in case! At the very least, use the KOREAN listing, because the English one is very dated since locations have been moving around a lot lately as owners find the best spot for shops it seems.

♥  ♥  ♥

Seoul Locations

서울특별시 종로구 종로1가 44 (Inside #1line Jongak subway Station)
서울특별시 강남구 밤고개로1길 10 (B2 floor booth #229)
구로역 1호선 (inside GURO Station line#1)

 Outside Seoul

Kyoungki-do -  경기도 고양시 일산동구 장항동 856-3 낙원프라자 104호

Incheon- 인천광역시 부평구 부평동 185-22 1층
Kyoungki-do – 경기도 파주시 야당동 운정신도시근린생활시설NG-7한솔프라자107
Kyongnam-  경남 김해시 외동 덕산아파트 상가 105호
Kyongnam- 경남 창원시 마산합포구 해운동 18-20
Kyongnam- 경남 김해시 삼계동 1472-6
Busan- 부산시 북구 화명동 2276-4 큐빅스타워 110호

 Those of you in Seoul that are familiar with the Shinchon station location (the one I featured mainly in this post) yes it is CLOSED as of 2013. The franchise owner has relocated to Sindorim now, so its not too far away thankfully! If you find a location listed here is closed (or a new one opens that you wish to share with readers) please do post below in the comments and I will update the list! We had a brief phone call with the CEO to ask some questions, so we have the current 4 Seoul locations as of 1/21/2013 at least! Most of these are in the Metro Station so they should be easy to stop by.

Have you had Poop Bread from 동빵 before?  Would you like to try this treat, and if so~ which flavor would you pick?  Share your thoughts or experiences below!


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