Poll results for January 2011

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Poll results for January 2011:

Resolutions for 2011? (up to 3 answers allowed – readers in Korea)

Save more money (60%, 36 Votes)
Travel around Korea more (50%, 30 Votes)
Make more Korean friends (38%, 23 Votes)
Get a better job (28%, 17 Votes)
Get an English teaching certification (22%, 13 Votes)
Get a Master’s degree (15%, 9 Votes)
Get out of Korea (10%, 6 Votes)
Learn to eat / like spicy food (8%, 5 Votes)

Total voters: 60

Interesting how few voters are looking to get out of Korea – not too surprising when you consider how good people here have it right now in relation to elsewhere in the world.

What interests you most about Korea? (Up to 3 choices – for readers outside of Korea)

The scenery / stuff to see (42%, 38 Votes)
The Korean food (42%, 38 Votes)

The K-pop / music (33%, 30 Votes)
The history (29%, 26 Votes)
The technology (24%, 22 Votes)
The cute girls (23%, 21 Votes)
The stylish clothes / looks (23%, 21 Votes)
The hot guys (22%, 20 Votes)
Something else (22%, 20 Votes)

Total voters: 91

The food doesn’t surprise me; I sort of wonder about the K-pop though. I’m not exactly a huge fan, though I have been known to sing a few at the noraebang… If you voted ‘Something else’, mind sharing in the comments? Half the reason I run these polls is to know a little more about you wonderful readers.

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Which Korean foods have you tried and enjoyed? (For readers outside of Korea)

Note that if you’re reading this in an RSS feed or on another website, you’ll need to check out Chris in South Korea first-hand to vote. I promise it’s worth your time :)

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