Poll results for December 2010 - biggest news story of the year?

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Biggest / most important Korean news story of 2010? (for all readers - choose up to 3)

Cheonan sinking 72 (45%)

North Korea tensions 97 (61%)

Apple vs. Samsung 15 (9%)

The G20 summit comes to Seoul 32 (20%)

Korea makes World Cup round of 16 24 (15%)

Japan apologizes for colonial Korea 14 (8%)

Kim Jong-il, meet Kim Jong-eun 38 (24%)

F1 auto race in Jeollanam-do 5 (3%)

Korea's Winter Olympics success 17 (10%)

Korea's Asian Games success 2 (1%)

Expensive kimchi / veggies 32 (20%)

Not surprisingly, North Korea was on many people's minds; I have a feeling we'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about South Korea's northern neighbors in 2011.

157 votes, readers could vote for more than one.

Biggest expat news story of 2010? (for Korean readers - choose up to 3)

Unequal AIDS testing rules 29 (50%)

Brian in Jeollanam-do leaves Korea 9 (15%)

Changes to E-2 teaching visas 38 (65%)

Quincy Black 7 (12%)

Canadian-Korean charged with murder in Canada 3 (5%)

Robot English teachers 15 (25%)

Hit pieces by Korean 'journalists' 15 (25%)

Threats to teachers' jobs understandly make up the biggest portion of the biggest stories. That's basically one of the only areas that affects just the foreigners in Korea...

58 votes, readers could vote for more than one.

January 2011's polls are up! If you're reading this in an RSS feed or elsewhere on the internet, you'll need to head to Chris in South Korea's main page to vote.

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