Photography Spots in Korea – Series IV – Korea, the true haven for photography

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The fourth in our series on Photography Spots in Korea, we will uncover the true beauty of South Korea through the photographic eyes of Tarun Chopra from India. Tarun will take us through Jeju, Gyeongju, Suwon, Muuido and other interesting places in Korea.

Jeju Island

Oedolgae Rock on the shores of Sammaebong in Seougwipo City, Jeju. A beautiful 20meter high standing rock, with deep blue water surrounding it. It was a quiet calming place on the Jeju olleh Route.

The famous jeju olleh route, that has signs like these little flags tied to tree branches. It has a cute little sign, an abstract form of a its following you wherever you go. The trails cover all the beautiful places one must visit when exploring the city on foot.

The famous hallabongs are a famous sign of jeju. They are a speciality grown in jeju, though it tastes a lot like a mandarin, it has its own quirks. We saw many hallabong farms while in jeju, and they look beautiful in plentiful.

The two famous icons of jeju are its sweet mandarins and Dol Hareubang , also known as the old grandfather. These statues are made of porous basalt and it is believed that rubbing the noses of these statues brings women fertility, protection from demons, and blessing from their Gods. Many souvenir stands throughout the island sell these statues in miniature form. Here you see the depiction of the old grandfather in the four seasons of korea, winter, autumn, spring and summer.

Hallasan : a beautiful and picturesque area of jeju. Jeju offers such a vast variety of sceneries pack in a small island. You see blooming flowers near the seacoast, and snowclas road near Hallasan. Here you see a resting area near clad in snow. And a signage of hallasan in lotteria, jeju alongwith a dol hareubang.

Beautiful red berry trees lined all through the streets of seogwipo city. They are known to have some medicinal value, but for me, the aesthetic value was far beyond anything I had seen.

Jarasaum Sinsing Winter Festival 2012

Dedicated people at the ice fishing festival in gapyeong-gu, gyeonggi do. It was amazing to see the dedication of people sitting on that frozen Bukhangang River.

Muuido Island

Beautiful seagulls flying around during the ferry ride from eurwangni to muuido island.


Locals enjoying a famous board game during their lunch break in suwon. The crowd around the players were really into it.

Beautiful cylindrical black stone bongdon in Hwaesong Fortress, Suwon

Cherry Blossoms

The burst of early spring in Gyeongju. The beautiful flowers taking their first bloom after a long sever winter. Cherry blossoms really are the prettiest flowers I have ever seen.

People enjoying kite flying in Gyeongju, after a long winter, the locals enjoy a day outside in the sun.


Stamps available for tourists at Cheomseongdae Observatory, Gyeongju. And the view of the sunset from there.

Royal Burial Grounds at the end of a long winter.

The palace in the midst of a lake was simply beautiful.

On the way to bulgaksa temple in gyeongju. A silent monk ringing the religious bell. The wooden carved statues of demons protecting the entrance of the monastery.

Paint brushe sketches of religious characters, in a small restaurant in gyeongju.

A beautiful flower called the bleeding heart found Royal Tombs of Seolleung, also called the Seonjeongneung.

A beautiful painting depicting a scene from the mythology in Bonguensa temple.

Yummy treats are an attraction for me in Korea. Nowhere in Asia have I seen this craze of bakeries and cafes. You will probably run into more Paris baguettes than cigarette shops here.

Beautiful finds for tourists travelling to Korea. Colourful pouches made from Korean textiles, the famous potteryware of Korea in miniature forms, to take back to your home country, and other earthenware displaying amazing craftamenship.

About the author
Tarun Chopra is a Technical Analyst with Solar Park, Seoul. He has been residing in South Korea since January 2009 and finds this place simply fascinating. All the pictures above are taken by him.


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