A Photo Shoot by Dezignsbyma

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Back in August, I went to visit my friend Antwon, who had started his own company called Dezignsbyma. He got into photography when he moved to Korea. Similarly, I picked up my first DSLR because I was moving to the other side of the world. Though clearly, he has used his talents much more efficiently than I have haha.

I was a bit nervous of playing model, which my friends found funny considering I am on stage at times acting and do these Youtube vids. But again, modeling is NOT the same as acting lol. As I told them, when acting you are playing a character who could be far different then you (case in point I recently took the role of Fezzik in “Princess Bride..true story). So by the end of it, I just had to “act” like I was a model so that I could get over my nerves lol. Thankfully Antwon was patient, and the session went really well.

Click on his logo to check out his amazing photography. His studio is right here in Daegu, close to the heart of downtown.

Reviewing some of the pictures

Reviewing some of the pictures

I nervously laughed through the whole process ^_^

I nervously laughed through the whole process ^_^

by Dezignsbyma - Photo 2

by Dezignsbyma - Photo 1by Dezignsbyma - Photo 3

by Dezignsbyma - Photo 4


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