Our Korean themed Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Since this is my and Aaron's last Valentine's Day in Korea, we decided I decided (let's be honest!) to make it a Korean themed V-day, which basically meant we'd probably wear matching clothes, spend a little time at a coffee shop, hang padlock's together on a love wall, have dinner out, decorate cupcakes together at a cake cafe and then eat said cupcakes while watching a romantic movie together!  Yep, that was the plan!  Fun, right?!  When I got home from work, Aaron handed me this beautiful bouquet of pink roses that he had picked up from his favorite florist on the island on his walk home from work!  Is there anything hotter than a grown man carrying flowers, ladies?! 

He said the red roses were $2 per rose and he knew I'd rather he spend less $$, so he chose the pink, which were significantly cheaper!  He knows me well!  For me, it's not the type, or color, of flowers that he gives me, it's just the fact that he thought enough to bring me some that I love!
So, at 5:00pm, we left the apartment in route to our first stop on our Korean themed Valentine's day date... Angel-in-us Coffee on the 10th floor of Lotte in Nampodong, where we shared a vanilla latte and wrote on our padlocks for the wall!  It's actually pretty hard to come up with a meaningful thing to write when you have 1 square inch to write it in!
But I love what Aaron came up with.  On the other side he wrote, 
"Our Korean bred love is ready to fly away. Buckle up!  I love you."
When our latte was finished and the writing on our padlocks had dried, we took the escalator up to the rooftoop to hang our locks along with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of other Korean lovebirds!  For the record, this is our quasi matching outfit: black shoes, jeans, black sweatshirts, green jackets and light grey beanies... It was the best we could do without looking completely cheesy in perfectly matchy-matchy outfits, which if we were Korean, we probably would have tried a lot harder!
 I've always loved this symbol of commitment, ever since the first time I saw it done on Seoul Tower!  The idea is for two 'lovebirds' to each write on a padlock, then connect them together, link them to the fence and throw the keys to ensure that our vows to never separate are kept!  (Aaron and I decided to actually keep the keys instead, and connected them with a simple red ribbon, which we'll hang on our future Christmas trees in America, to remind us of our padlocks hanging in the city where we fell in love!)
Next stop on our Korean themed Valentine's date was dinner!  We skipped out on a fancy dinner and opted for a healthy one... but we figured that that was okay because what's more romantic than eating at a restaurant called The Loving Hut? ...right?!
After dinner, we walked around the corner to Dan Hana Cake, where we were planning to decorate cupcakes together (which is very Korean!), but sadly they were only selling entire cakes to decorate, and we definitely don't need to be eating an entire cake just 12 days before we start living in our bathing suits.  So, we said goodbye and walked in search of a darling cupcake shop that we had heard great reviews for!  But, just like clockwork, it had been turned into something else and was closed when we got there!  I swear no small store, cafe, or restaurant lasts more than 6 months in Korea!  It's terrible... devastating really... because I was really craving those cupcakes!!!
Have no fear though, that frown was turned right upside down when we realized we were standing feet away from a TGIFriday, which I knew would have the perfect desert!  mmmm brownies!
We ate it so fast that I think the hostess thought we decided not to order anything when we walked out of the restaurant no more than 10 minutes after she sat us!  lol  We took a nice little stroll through the busy streets of Seomyeon, hopped on our bus and headed home to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor!  I love it for the romance aspect and Aaron loves it for the train wreck factor! 
Happy Valentine's Day from The Osteens!
행복한 발렌타인 데이


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