Online Costume Store for Halloween in Korea.

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A few people sent me messages asking about more options for places to get Halloween costumes in Korea. Today I came across a decent online costume store. With Halloween 2011 approaching quickly I thought some people who can't make it to a store may find it useful.
Although the site is only in Korean there are some English sub headings and it's easy to navigate and see the costumes.
They have both men's and women's costumes including all the staple Halloween choices for women (read slutty Halloween choices) like army girl, nurse, maid, Wonderwoman, fairy, angel, devil, witch and various Disney characters.
Some seem to be priced in keeping with the average price in England and America whilst some are pretty expensive. Sizing depends on the costume, some are 'one size' whilst others have a choice of small, medium and large. I've also seen a few listed in XL. 

Here are a few screen grabs to give you a small idea of what the site's offering;

Some of the costumes available.
The crazily priced options.
Found under 'sexy costume'

If you're stuck for a Halloween costume then take a look and see if there's something for you. You can pay easily with a bank transfer. Unless you can read Korean you'll probably need someone to help you with placing the actual order though. Ask a Korean friend or co-worker for a favour.
Here's the site...
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Re: Online Costume Store for Halloween in Korea.

Wow great work, very useful information indeed! Some of those outfits are ace, very funny. Just in time to save Hallowe'en I hope. Do you have any idea how long they take to post?

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Re: Online Costume Store for Halloween in Korea.

There is also which is located near Kyungsung university in Daeyeon dong. Although the above site looks a little more comprehensive they do have a lot of stuff. Also for those living in Busan you can do walk ins (although it's not a proper shop as such, there is usually someone there, especially at this time of year)

Take exit 4 out of Dayeon subway walk straight for a few blocks. Look out for the SC First bank and it's next to that above a jewellery shop on the top floor.


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Re: Online Costume Store for Halloween in Korea.

is it just me or are these costume prices obscenely overpriced?

210,000 for a Harry Potter gown, glasses and a wand?


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