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Last Sunday I found myself at Oido, the last stop on line 4 or the light-blue line. It was my first time out there in all these years, and felt good. Whenever I rode line 4 and heard Oido as the final destination, I wondered what was out there.

Turns out it is a nice place to see the sea, get some seafood (although I don't like to eat it) and sunshine. The main area is a strip of seafood restaurants to one side and then a seawall you can walk on top of and enjoy the scenery.

In the background there is the budding city of Incheon and the bridges that take you out to Incheon airport. The sunshine, sea air and scenery made for a pleasant Sunday out.

Nearby the lighthouse was a fish market section, where some singing and dancing was going on. This scene reminded me of why I like living in Korea. Random old people dancing to hokey music.

The fish you see there were still alive and you could see them looking back at you, and their gills moving up and down. Fresh...very fresh!

This area is also famous for its mud flats, which appear when the tide goes out. However, when I was there the tide was in, so no mud flatting for me. I highly recommend a trip out to Oido as you can just ride the train and then take a bus ride out to the sea area. Definitely gives your Seoul life a perk.


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