No Prize for Demonizing China

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GEORGE JONAS, columnist for the National Post of Canada, is a treasure of the Anglosphere–everything he writes, whether serious or light-hearted, is worth reading. Readers with an interest in Northeast Asian affairs will find this recent column especially worthwhile. It’s called Dear Leader’s see-no-evil enablers, and it examines the international response to North Korea’s sinking of the Cheonan. Here’s the point: Westerners who look to China fo … Read More


What?! Are we handing out medals for pointing out the frakking obvious! Now, what do you propose we do?

One, give China something to do in the region other than coddle Pyongyang. It only tolerates the North Korean disaster because it has so little to keep it safe.

Two, put some teeth in the nuclear non-proliferation regime, so that Pyongyang doesn’t have something it can use, to force outside powers to run hat-in-hand to China.

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