New Youtube Vlog~ up at last! Hi, I’m Elle

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So after 5 months of not uploading anything I finally sucked it up and recorded something again for my neglected Cute in Korea youtube channel!  My plan has been to do a weekly Q&A vlog of some kind, shopping haul, review, just basic interesting things that maybe some of you would enjoy watching on screen, however I underestimated how time consuming it would be so I kept putting it off!  I’m painfully awkward right now, so please excuse me while I adjust to this sort of thing~ I love doing livestreams, but to sit down and do it all in a sitting by myself feels funny still haha.  I love to talk though, so I hope this will start to click for me soon~ and I can share my thoughts with you guys about whatever you want to know!

♥ ♥ ♥

I will be investing in a new webcam so I can actually record things properly with a bit more ease…. currently I am just using my digital camera which is great and gives me HD videos, but the files are huge, I can’t see myself, can’t pause, and it’s just a pain to adjust the results for uploading and transfer them around. Case in point, my thumbnail above is what the photos look like on the camera, but when I uploaded I messed it all op so its kinda dark and the size is wrong.  Got to study up a bit on this, because I hate low-res youtube videos personally so its driving me crazy to not have the results I want! If anyone has a webcam or youtube tips they recommend please do share with me in the comments

Thumbs up so I can have some cool points lol.

I didn’t come into this thinking I would do vlogs since youtube has a bit of a surplus of “hur I’m in Korea, let me tell you what its like” people, but I realized a lot of NEW people found me through youtube so maybe it would be a good way to reach out to a wider audience in addition to this blog.  I also realized that (just like with blogs) almost everyone sharing currently is usually coming from a k-pop culture enthusiast or a teachers perspective who is not involved with Korean family life or social pressures~ lots of people live in a bubble world here.

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In that sense I hope maybe I can share a different spin on certain things and my thoughts will be of interest as someone who has to experience pressures of trying to at least somewhat integrate here….as a female it comes with a lot of expectations and demands which is most likely why you do not see very many foreign females married to Korean men~ except maybe out in the boondocks where being “exotic” seems to slide a bit more with some in-laws. Plus I can also draw from my time living in Japan and also ooze rainbow colors and pastels, so maybe that is amusing as well? XD

♥ ♥ ♥

♥Please subscribeto my channel to see more videos in the future, and as always I greatly appreciate every comment and thumbs up I receive here and also on Youtube since it helps with exposure and lets me know you enjoy what you see. Good for my morale lmao!!

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