New Postcard Series

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After that trip to the Korea Design Museum, I was inspired to make some new works. I took away the red outline from some of the postcards I saw and went with it. The first one there just going from my imagination then having a swell time creating the vibrant red border.

I expanded from there in my sketchbook by referencing an old photo from my collection, then finding text from a Korean sign board. A continuation of the use of Hangul in my previous works, where I used Google street view.

I moved onto watercolor, again using an old photo for reference. I like that the landscape is all mostly tonal and old looking. I'm really enjoying making these. The words on top are some what referential, but the point really is to have them not be.

That is the last one I created, and the photo is of a place I went to recently (go through my archive). I want to make more and more, as they seem to just flow out of me. Work has gotten me really busy with the end of the semester stuff, but I shouldn't let that stop me.

Would you like one?


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