Naver Comments related to CNN's The Problem with Being Gay in South Korea

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CNN just released an article on being gay in South Korea, which has also been posted on Naver news in Korean.

The story focuses on Micky Kim, a gay Korean who has hidden his identity for years in South Korea, who says that attitudes in SK cause homosexuality to be treated like a foreign issue. The article then looks at a Pew Research study, that shows an increase in acceptance of being gay, but still relatively low levels compared to other developed countries. The article finishes with mentioning the fierce opposition to the pride parade in June.

To read the article, and watch the video, head over to CNN.

Comments on the Naver News article are unsurprisingly varied. I thought I would translate a few for my reader's benefit. (When I checked there were about 652 comments... I chose five. There are biases in the choices I made obviously, so don't take this as any sort of barometer for South Korean public opinion. I did look at comments that had a lot of replies if that says anything. 

미국인들도 동성결혼과 동성애 반대하는 사람들 많은데 마치 찬성하는 여론만 높은줄 아네.. 이번에 연방대법원이 합헌해서 반발하는 사람들 얼마나 많은데
In the US, there are many people that are against homosexuality and same-sex marriage as well. Public opinion in agreement was popular.  In this case, there were many people that were against the Supreme Court's decision too.

러시아같으면 맞아 죽는다. 여기선 그런거 없는걸 다행으로 여겨라
In the case of Russia, they would be shot to death. Consider it lucky that it isn't like that here.

질병이 질병이지 그럼정상이냐?
Disease is disease so that is normal?

세상은 변했고 지금도 계속 변하고있다 1900년대만해도 동성애자는 마녀 혹은 사탄으로 몰려 수백수천명이 지켜보는가운데 화형당했지 1950년대부턴 당연히 노예였던 흑인들이 인권을 외치며 싸운결과 지금은 노예가 아닌 당당한 사람이 되었지 동성애자들도 언제부턴가 인권을 외치기 시작했고 보수적인 우리나라에서조차 전보단 확실히 그들을보는 시선이 유해진건 사실이다 세상은 점점 빠르게 변해갈것이다.. 늘 그래왔던것처럼 그 변화에 적응하지못하고 도태되고 인정하지않는다면 자연의 섭리로 죽거나 자연히 사라지겠지
(TKQ: Wish they would have split this comment up into a couple more sentences)
 The world has changed and it still is changing. In the 1900s homosexuals would be connected to witchcraft or satan and many hundreds or thousands were burnt at the stake for it. Since the 1950s, blacks fought for their rights and were able to not be a slave but rather a dignified human. Homosexuals have also been shouting for their rights since some point in time, and even in the conservative Korea it is true that the point of view towards homosexuals has become more amicable then before. The world is bit-by-bit quickly changing. As is always true, those that cannot adjust will die out and if this isn't acknowledged, one will die by provision of nature or naturally disappear.

 한국은 절대 변하지않아. 여혐, 성소수자 혐오도 절대 나아지지않을꺼다. 여자이면서 레즈인 나는 꼭 이민갈꺼다잘난 이성애자 머한민국 국민 여러분, 헬조선에서 잘~먹고 잘~사세요
 Korea never changes. Xenophobia, homophobia, it will never get better. As a lesbian, I will soon be emigrating. To the heterosexual citizens of 머한민국 (a disparaging term for South Korea), enjoy Hell Joseon.