NaPoWriMo Day 8: Marvel-ous Sonnets

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I Dreamt I Was

I dreamt I was asleep within your heart
Within those beating caverns made my home
Yet as I slept, the stutter stop and start
Awoke me, and my thoughts began to roam
To visions of a city, standing tall
A suit of armor wrapped around the world
But who are we, just humans, standing small
Among the wreckage, fingers clenched and curled
           Of us, what final story will be told?
           I pray that fortune does favor the bold. 

I have a bad habit of writing sonnets about nerdy things, though I do hope that this stands up even if you don't understand that reference. Sonnets are weird, because while I don't generally enjoy reading them, I love the challenge of writing them. Honestly, I did break the rules a bit, leaving out the third set of rhymes, but the thing just felt finished so I went with it. I think poems with a strict format are good to try once in a while, because they force you think outside of your comfort zone.

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