Namhae’s German Village

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On the island of Namhae, there is an odd little community, the German Village.

It was made back in the 1960′s for Koreans who had gone to Germany to work and had since returned home and missed part of their old life.  Now I have not yet been to Germany, but sometime tells me, this place isn’t exactly like Germany.

I love the welcome sign and it’s complete lack of German.

It’s a very cute little neighborhood with some beautiful views, but it seems these days it’s more for tourists than anyone else. There were a lot of places to stay the night and a few cafe’s which were nice, but it could have used some German food.

I loved all the little yards and how different the buildings looked compared to a lot of Korean homes, but at the same time it is clear this is another culture’s interpretation of Germany instead of actual German homes.

There is apparently an “American Village” on the island as well that boasts big houses, but we didn’t bother to try to find it.

I am curious of other people’s feeling of this place.  Has anyone else been here? What did you think?

From Busan with 독일 (German) Love,


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