My 1st Day Teaching in Vietnam

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It’s so hot here. So hot. So jungly. Me and my heat rashes are definitely going through an adjustment period!


My morning walk...gorgeous but fucking hot as fuck
My morning walk…gorgeous but fucking hot as fuck


My first day of teaching was yesterday…..


The classroom. SUPER echoey.
The classroom. SUPER echoey.


I taught two classes. The first one had two high school students, who were friendly and curious. I was a bit confused about how to teach the material in the book, so that was a little rough. But we had fun asking each other questions, and they thought it was amusing when I tried to speak Vietnamese. Overall, the material for that class focuses on preparing the students for this thing called the IELTS exam, which tests EFL students in writing, reading, listening, and speaking. So it’s really dry and focused on academic language. Hopefully next class will run a bit more smoothly.

My second class was amazing. I had in my head that they were going to be elementary school students, because the material I was given was so basic (GOOOD MORRR-NING HOW AAARRE YOU?), but they were university students, and were actually very advanced! It was….really awkward to have only really easy, low-level material to work with for them. I was afraid they would get mad at me, but they seemed pretty easy-going about the whole thing…Should be interesting in the future to try to figure out how to make the curriculum more challenging.  I definitely like teaching adults better than children. They actually wanted to learn…what a stark change from the students at Chungdahm!


Sorry for the selfie.
Sorry for the selfie.


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