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It’s what I’ve always wanted – more North Korean propaganda. From Martyn Williams site:

North Korea’s Naenara website is back. The site went offline around early September when the dot-kp domain name space went down.

Naenara is run by Pyongyang’s Korea Computer Center and offers news, photos, shopping, tourism information and MP3 files from North Korea.

It’s running inside North Korea’s recently-activated domestic IP address space, but isn’t working perfectly. Some of the links point to dot-kp addresses, which are still not working. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

You can find it at

One quote from an article reporting on the Dear Leader’s toast to an opera troupe (back to his old stomping grounds):

Expressing his satisfaction over the fact that the opera troupe, in cooperation with China, completed another opera this year which marks the 60th anniversary of the entry of the Chinese People’s Volunteers into the Korean war, he stressed that it is an invariable will of the Party and people of Korea to further consolidate and promote the friendly relations between the two countries.

I get it already! Juche sasang, out; Songun, in. Or, is it more like the U.S. Army slogan, “Mission First, People Always!”

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