Moving On Up to the 2nd Grade

Printer-friendly versionIt came as a complete surprise. A text from the boss on my computer, after I returned from lunch. Requesting I come and talk to him about next semester. I replied and the next thing I knew I was up in his room learning of my near future.

Turns out all of the 2nd grade teachers are moving on next year. For each grade there is a team leader and these folks, as you can imagine, manage the show. So 2nd grade's team leader would be missing. In short, he wanted me to move up to 2nd grade Math and be the team leader.

At first, I was skeptical because I liked staying in 1st with all my materials and plans for next year.  But I was curious and so learned more of his proposal. Turns out he really needs someone to fill the 2nd grade team leader position, and felt I was best because I have experience with the kids and the school. Plus it fits that I will go into 2nd Grade Math, as the book is the same company and similar material.

I had 5 minutes before my afternoon classes started and so there wasn't much time to fully comprehend it all. I told him I would talk to the current person in that position and get back to him.

Walking back to my class I knew I didn't really have a choice. I could fight to stay in 1st with all my stuff, but in this situation it seemed the best thing to take the promotion. My classes finished and I had a talk with the 2nd grade Math teacher. It went well and I got a hold of the book, lesson plans and monthly planner.

I headed up to my boss and told him I would do it. He seemed really pleased and likely relieved. I was glad to hear I get monthly extra compensation for being a team leader.

Since then I have already figured out how many lessons fit into next year's schedule, and soon I should be cranking out my own lessons. I won't deny it, I am a bit overwhelmed because of all this, but holding onto the feeling that I'm important at this school.

Of course, I have a feeling the thing of "team leader" is going to hit me soon. I'm a pretty good organizer and do have leadership skills. But this requires keeping up very good relations with the Korean homeroom teachers. However, I think by now I've got that under control.

Anyways, I know what my Christmas vacation is going to look like now!


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