Lotus Lantern Festival 2015

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My absolute favorite festival in Seoul has to be the Lotus Lantern Festival. It is held every year on April 8th of the Lunar calendar for Buddha's Birthday. It is as though the city bursts into color with culture and beauty for these few weeks! I do love the delicately decorated lanterns displayed all over the city. The highlight of the festivities for me is the lotus lantern parade. The lanterns are exorbitantly adorned with lights that brighten up any mopey face! The beat and rhythm of the dancers during the parade add more fun and color to the proceedings.
This year, the lotus lantern festival was celebrated on the 16th and 17th of May. Seoul was basking in perfect Spring temperatures with flowers blooming everywhere and looking so pretty! More pictures of Lotus Lantern Festival here. This year I was not able to do the lotus lanterns with the monks but I had a great time doing it the previous year.

The Changgyecheon Stream with the lanterns on a bright sunny day!
The Beautiful stream as the dusk approaches...
Oh! The festivities are so addicting!
Lanterns for the year of the Sheep
I loved this lantern with a beautiful message!

The lantern mountains resemble the ones made by Minhwa drawings 
The lanterns are huge almost 3 times the height of an average adult. 
The peacocks were the highlight of this year's parade. Oh so beautiful!

My favorite flower of all time! The beautiful lotus. So pretty!

Beautiful fishie!
Beautiful Phoenix that would make Dumbledore proud

Another favorite of mine!

Love the paintings as well!

Dragons with smoke and fire spewing from its mouth was ofcourse the crowd pleaser!

The Hero :)

T for Tasty bit of Lotus Lantern Festival for ABC Wednesday


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