Looove Day

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As you have probably heard, Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day differently. Instead of the men giving their special someone  treats or gifts on February 14th, it’s the women who give their sweetheartschocolates or candies. This afternoon, after pampering my hair at the salon, I went out for a walk to see what Valentine goodies are displayed in shops and bakeries and outside convenience stores. The day before Valentine’s Day, you will usually see a lot of them on display, but today, only a few shops in my area have prepared earlier for V Day. Surely, tomorrow is going to be chocolate extravaganza! ^^


Every ’Day of Hearts‘, I buy my husband his favorite chocolates, but I end up eating most of them. This time, I bought a white chocolate cake that we will enjoy tonight with some red wine and ‘mushy’ love songs.


Maybe, if my husband is not too sleepy yet, we could watch “The Notebook” together, one of the best love stories ever. I have wanted to watch this movie with him since time immemorial, but he’d rather watch horror flicks or thrillers or Japanese animation. If I have to tie him up just to have him watch it and use toothpicks to keep his eyes open, perhaps, I’ll do it tonight. ^^

If he’s not willing to see a ‘mushy’ movie with me, there’s always the dance I have wished to perform with him… someday. Hey, we could learn it tonight! ^^

Well, I know the chick flick and the dance won’t really make my husband happy, so after some cake and wine, we’ll figure out something else to do. The night is young and ‘Looove’ Day has just begun. ^^

How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day this year?


May your life be filled with the happiness love brings! ^^


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