Looking Over My Work While Away

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I managed to have some free time today to look over my upcoming work for next semester. I recall how before the semester ended, a few weeks ago, my mind was blown by the team leader stuff coming my way.

I figured I needed to give myself some time and then I can approach it with a clearer mind. Looking at it today I definitely feel better about the new duties. Mostly I see I will need to be that person in the middle who communicates and negotiates requests. There are some major duties to take care of, but I think there will be time to understand it all.

Mostly I just hope I will have enough time to set up my new room, including rearranging the teacher's desks and putting away all my materials. That first day back is a full schedule of orientation meetings and greeting new students. I kind of wish they would give us more time to set up.

Even though I am still feeling somewhat nervous about the upcoming term, I know I just need to start out with a smile and not let it all get to me. The other teachers (both Korean and none) will be busy and hoping for a good year. In other words, I won't be the only one a bit nervous that first week back.

I wrote all this down in a neat list fashion in my notebook and hope to reference it now and then while I am still out here. Just to prep myself mentally. But how can I keep my focus with weather in the high 70's and palm trees everywhere?!


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