The Lincoln Memorial

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It wasn't the sunniest or the warmest day on our trip, but seeing the Lincoln Memorial was worth it. I took my family to Foggy Bottom station and we tried to catch a bus closer to The Mall area. But you could easily have walked the distance.

Approaching the memorial, you start to sense the significance and iconic power of it's structure.

You are even more taken away by the historical and marvel of this monument when you walk up the stone stairs and see Lincoln's body enlarged in marble.

People stand, stare and take in this great figure, and to the right and left of the statue you can read Lincoln's famous speech's and works.

I for one enjoyed watching folks, as I could tell many were from around the world. Even if not everyone knew the great historical significance to every detail, I could conjure that they understood the power behind it all.

Folks mostly had their picture taken, looked around and then admired the view from atop the steps.
Unfortunately the reflecting pool was under construction, so I guess I'll have to see it in its full glory some other time. The rain started to trickle down and soon it was chillier. I decided to have a restful day back at the hotel and catch up with everyone later. Otherwise, it was quite eventful to see the Lincoln Memorial, something I'm sure everyone does when they go to D.C.


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