The Last Week

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I made it! The last week of my first year at S* school is coming to it's end. I am amazed I made it this far considering how difficult it was at the beginning. Also I am impressed at how much my students have advanced and grown. Now I get to see them continue to grow in the 2nd grade.

This week seems sort of laid back. Instead of doing the level testing next semester, they changed it to now. So tomorrow and Weds we will be busy prompting tests and doing interviews. This means grading and imputing scores into the computer. Although, I won't be able to distribute the kids into their respective levels till next semester. I will need to do that with my new homeroom teachers. Classes are still being held, but a bit broken up. Wednesday is a "6-day" but some of that is having the kids watching a movie while I give a interview test. Then Thursday it is a true "6-day", but I have casual things planned. They will make a "Shape-book" and play a PPT Bomb game, which they love doing. Finally, on Friday things have been shortened and cut back to 4 periods. During that time of 30 minutes each, we will play another PPT Bomb game and they will get word search worksheets. I don't want to stress out and work too hard, due to needing to pack and travel Saturday.

If you have noticed I don't blog too much, so just consider this. I haven't been out much visiting places to save money for my trip. However, I plan to get back in the swing of things after my vacation. Of course I will post about the fun times I will have in Florida and D.C., for you guys. I never feel the need to apologize for not blogging enough and I'm not going to start now.

Thanks for all your support during this school year, I definitely had a better time at this school than at any before it. :)


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