Korean Street Bread

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Here in Korea, street breads are very popular.  These waffle-like breads are usually filled with red bean paste, chocolate, or flavored custard.  They come in all different shapes like fish shaped (bungeoppang) or even poop shaped (dongbang)!   In this simple recipe, I show you the technique for making your own Korean street bread at home.

Below, I am enjoying  some dongbang!  It’s cute isn’t it?

DongBangBread1   DongBang2

For the Korean Street Bread recipe, you will need a waffle iron.  I bought my fish-shaped waffle iron at ArtBox, but I have seen them on gmarket  here.

Korean Street Bread


Servings: Varies


~ 250 g pancake or waffle mix (plus additional ingredients called for on the package, usually 1 egg and 150 ml milk or water)

- fillings – I recommend nutella, sweet red bean paste, pudding/custard, fruit yogurt, jam, and/or brown sugar


1) Mix the pancake/waffle batter together using the package instructions.  If you are using the CJ BekSul pancake mix, you add 1 egg and 150 ml of milk with one package of pancake mix.

2) Wipe your waffle iron with some oil using a paper towel.

3) Set your waffle iron on the burner over medium-low heat.

4) Add just enough batter to almost fill up your mold.


5) Spoon in about 1 tbls of the filling of your choice.


6) Before you close and flip your iron, make sure to spoon a little batter from the sides over the filling so it doesn’t all come out when you flip it.  Adding a little batter on top will seal in the filling.


7) You can close the lid and then flip over your waffle iron when you see the batter start to bubble in the middle, just like with pancakes.


8) Let the other side cook for a couple minutes.  Remove from the pan, trip off the excess dough around the edges and enjoy your bread while it’s warm and the outside is still slightly crispy!!


I used green tea pudding in this one!  Just add green tea powder to vanilla pudding.


Below are the ingredients used in this recipe.  You can find all the ingredients at home plus.

Pancake MixWaffle MixCanned Red Bean Jam

Dark Brown Sugarnutellapudding

Fruit YogurtGreen Tea Powder

Nutrition Information

Nutrition will vary based on the fillings and batter mix used.

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