Korean Researcher: Oral Sex Cause for Increase in Head and Neck Cancer

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If you really love her (or him), let them know that what they are doing right now could be deadly.

If you really love her (or him), let them know that what they are doing right now could be very dangerous.

Hat tip to Robert over at the Marmot’s Hole for spotting this gem in The Korea Times. According to the headline, “Cancer experts says no to oral sex, more green tea,” it would seem that Professor Shin Dong-moon, a Yonsei graduate now at Emory University, feels that getting to third base could be very, VERY dangerous to your health.

Here is the article pasted in its entirety so you can draw from it what you will. But allow me to quickly summarize:

Putting either cigarettes, alcohol or genitalia in your mouth can increase the chances of cancer and is thus highly dangerous.

We believe that oral sex is the cause of the rapid increase in head and neck cancer over the past 10 years. It is vital that anyone with symptoms receive vaccines against the human papillomavirus (HPV).”

Such was the statement from Prof Shin Dong-moon of Emory University who is a specialist in head and neck cancer.

There are over 100 varieties of HPVs and they are usually transmitted through sexual activities. There are high-risk contaminations which affects organs like the womb. Prof Shin, 62, said some 34 percent of women aged between 18 and 79 are infected with HPV, most of which is associated with a more open sex culture in the country.

The rate of infection is as high as 50 percent for those aged between 18 and 29 The situation is similar in countries like the United States.

“Throat cancer used to be a rarity over a decade ago but the increase in smoking and drinking has given rise to its incursion. There is every possibility that HPV will turn into a worldwide epidemic. “

He went on to say that changes in sexual activities and dietary trends are essential for reining in such possibilities. A graduate of the Severance medical school of Yonsei University, Shin first joined MD Anderson hospital for cancer treatment and research before heading to Emory.

Duly noted. Though where is the part about green tea that the headline mentions?

I wonder if the Korea Times shelved this story until after Valentine’s Day?


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