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Got a burning Korean question that you can’t seem to find the answer for? Look no further with our Korean FAQ! You can ask us any questions related to the Korean language or South Korean culture and life and we’ll do our best to answer. Ask us questions in the comments or email us at contact@90daykorean.com.

We’ll update this post regularly, so be sure to check back for the latest question and answers. Let’s get answering!

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Question: Is there a way to say “and you?”? Like if someone asks “뭐해요?” and I wanted to say “i’m watching tv and you?”.

Answer: You can say ‘너는? ‘ for ‘and you?’ in casual speech.

For example,

  • 나는 tv 보고 있어, 너는? =I’m watching TV, and you? (to a friend)

In polite speech, you can say the person’s name or title +은/는 and then add 요 at the end.

  • 나는 tv 보고 있어요, 제이미는요 or 제이미 씨는요? =I’m watching TV, and you? (to Jamie or Jamie 씨)
  • 저는 tv 보고 있어요, 할머니는요? =I’m watching TV, and you? (to grandma)


Question: What is the difference between 이용하다 (iyonghada) and 사용하다 (sayonghada)? Do they mean the same?

Answer: Both have the meaning, "to use". However they are slightly different.

사용하다 is used to express simply "to use" or "to consume".

  • 휴대폰을 사용하지 마세요. (hyudaeponeul sayonghaji maseyo.) Please don't use mobile.
  • 나는 피부를 위해 순한 화장품을 사용해요. (naneun pibureul wihae sunhan hwajangpumeul sayonghaeyo.) I use gentle beauty products for my skin.

이용하다 (iyonghada) is often used for "to make (good) use of" or "take advantage of".

  • 그는 친구의 약점을 이용했어요. (geuneun chinguui yakjeomeul iyonghaesseoyo.) = He took advantage of friend's weakness.
  • 우리는 이 기회를 이용해야 해요. (urineun i gihoereul iyonghaeya haeyo.) = We should use this opportunity.

Got a question and can't find the answer? Drop it in the comments or email us at contact@90daykorean.com and our professional Korean coaches will help out!

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