Julian Assange Answers Accusations of Hypocrisy (Video)

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Joshua Foust asks for Julian Assange for a good explanation justifying WikiLeaks’ actions.

So, Julian Assange replies (well, not in real time. But, wouldn’t that be a good diavlog!?):

I don’t believe Assange is a hypocrite, just another one of those guys, regardless of his definition of justice and his company’s review process. Assange, slamming Daniel Ellsberg like collateral damage in the media wars, has made “justice” a convenient mood. And, the more convenient it becomes, the more classified material will find its way to the public.

One of the interesting follow-ups on Steve Coll’s last point is to query whether this WikiLeaks trend will begin to reach into the highly compartmentalized, most sensitive national security information treasure chest. There is no answer to that question that isn’t highly speculative — but one would not be off base to think that the WikiLeaks trend toward the disclosure of secrets will likely grow rather than diminish in the period ahead.

Until, that is, administrators redefine the levels of security. Ultimately the blowback from this will be minimal. Arguments don’t resolve political issues in DC; interests do. It’s theater for the people, and a boon for MS Access.

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