Jeju Sidedish: Misty View

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Because I don't want to inundate you with tons of pictures on each post I figured I could break up things like this, and make a side story.

Returning from Manjanggul we got off at the bus stop right in front of our pension. It was a regular thing for around 5pm that the mist would roll in around our side of the island. Looking across the water to the Ilchulbong mountain and having this misty air, made for some pleasant scenery.
Around this time the tide went far out and usually people came around to collect shells for supper.
Amongst the exposed rock surface one could find living creatures and other objects.

After a day of lots of walking and exploring just kicking back and taking in the view was quite welcomed.

Everyday, this little inlet was our scenery as we went in out of our pension. I enjoyed seeing how the tide changed throughout the day and how a new bunch of couples would pass by to take pictures.

Our pension was calling us and we took a good long rest before having dinner. 
 The pension doubles as a place to get a bite to eat since there is a restaurant on the first level. The menu mostly features varieties of donkattsu (fried pork cutlets), but also has a selection of pastas, alcohol beverages, coffee and tea drinks.

Despite the menu being kind of limited the seating and atmosphere of the place was very cozy and provided a clear view of Ilchulbong.

For dinner we shared the "Meat Spaghetti", which came out quite well and not so cheesy as it had appeared in the menu.

For a drink I had a cup of fresh green tea...
All of which, the good meal and view, provided enough rest for our next day of adventuring. Another post will arrive with the spoils of a great day on Jeju, so stick around!


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