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I tried to wirte this post like 100 times, but all of those failed attempts made it look like I was complaining because it wasn't really the Paradise I was expecting lol, but if you want to read more about it, you can check my sis' blog post here, now that I look at it, she didn't write much either, but she has better pictures lol.

All in all, I did enjoyed our 3 day trip to the Island and I'm looking forward to go back with a better weather since we went in the middle of october and it was pretty chilli hehe.

Bye Seoul!

Lovely weather

Yummiest food ever!

Almost pardise ~ ~ except, it was very cold and windy 

Love the blue sky^^ 

Beach #2


Creepy pool is creepy

This is what Jeju is about

Bye Jeju!

Hello Seoul!
If you wanna read more about Jeju, you can read my previous post here, it's very old (2010) but that's what happens when you have been blogging for quite some time :)


Ps. SORRY for my lousy blogging, i'll try to update more often, even it it's just pictures lol

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