Jay Park: From K-pop to a New Breed

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About a month ago I finally got Jay Park's "New Breed (Deluxe Edition", if you don't know who he is you can go here to read a little bit about his career with 2PM.

Jay Park is a Korean-American singer who came a long way ever since 2009,  I had heard some of his songs before and I loved the "Nothing on you" version he released back in 2010 and I gotta say this, quiting 2PM was definitely a good move, he went from a Kpop band to a style that fits him the most, dont you think?

Jay Park is also part of the B-boy group AOM (Art of Movement).
Photo credit: https://twitter.com/AOM_TJP

On April 2011 he released his 1st mini Album "Take a deeper Look" and released the video "Abandoned"

On February 2012 he released "New Breed" and this is where I got interested in Jay Park... I got the "New Breed - Deluxe Edition" CD with 18 songs, includes Girlfriend (one of my favorites), Clap ft. Tiger JK & Tasha (another one of my faves!) and 4 different versions of Know your Name, soon I got addicted to this album and loved the songs with Dok2 (Dok2 also collaborated with GD on his latest album among Tablo for the song Light it up ).

Just 2 days ago Jay Park announced the release of a new Song/MV on this Twitter account, the song is called Appetizer and was produced by Cha Cha Malone (Who is also part of AOM) and whom has worked with JPark with other Hits as Bestie and Spechless. 

Jay Park also has an online "reality" show on his YouTube Chanel called Jay Park TV where you can see him getting ready for Concerts, B-boys battles, Shows or hanging out with his Crew. 
Ayway, just wanted to share some info on Jay Park and show that I'm not just crazy about Kpop ;) lol
Here are some useful links:
Jay Park's website: http://www.jaypark.com/eng (English/Korean/Japanese/Chinese) 
Jay Park's Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jaybumaom0425
Jay Park's Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/JAYBUMAOM
Jay Park's Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/jaypaom
Well... Clap clap clap!
-Gisela V. 

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