Japan set to renounce claims to Dokdo

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Although an unanticipated move, a source from within the Japanese government says Japan will relinquish its claim to Dokdo at a press conference on Friday. The source, who remains anonymous because they are not authorized to speak to the media, has said “Japan will be in a rebuilding mode after the 9.0 earthquake and the issues with the nuclear reactors.” The source added that “while Takeshima remains an important strategic point in northeast Asia, we can’t sustain our desire to expand while our key infrastructure must be rebuilt.”

While Japan’s claim to the two tiny islets are referenced in their public school textbooks, the discovery of Edo-era maps dating back to the mid-19th century sealed the deal. “It’s hard to keep claiming something as yours when your own ancestors didn’t know it was there”, said one Japanese researcher.

Rep. Park Sun-young, who recently made headlines when she transferred her residency to Dokdo, had the most optimistic quote of the day: “I’ve looked forward to the day when I can actually live in the place I say I’m residing.”

When asked about the Kuril Islands, which both Russia and Japan claim ownership of, the anonymous Japanese source could not comment. He hinted at the fact that Korea sent “so much aid” as being part of the reason for the “竹島の決定”, or the “Takeshima decision”, as it is being internally called. Japanese officials would not comment on how much aid Russia would have to send.

The area around Dokdo is rich in fish and hydrate gas, and will represent a marked increase in the amount of sovereign Korean territory under international laws that govern use of the seas.

The decision will send ripples through the international diplomatic community. One American ambassador already views this decision as an “unqualified success” and a “reminder of the friendship and respect engendered by sovereign nations”.

While the Korean government has yet to announce a plan for Dokdo colonization, GS-25 and Caffe Bene have already announced their plans to open a location on the pair of rocky islets. Five cell phone franchises have already started to compete for business space in buildings that don’t yet exist, while one budongsan (real estate offices) is starting to make plans to build a 30-story apartment complex. “What real estate bubble?” the realtor asked.

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What’s that, you’re still reading? This is satire – Japan has made no mention of Dokdo / Takeshima / the Liancourt Rocks since their devastating earthquake. My thoughts and hopes are with Japan as they rebuild. Happy 만우절 (man-oo-jeol, or April Fools Day)!



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