it’s not Georgia, it’s not Paris, it’s Korea who is always on my mimimimind!

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I was so happy being back in my dear motherland: to me! the mountains of delicious french pastries. To me! the nice afternoons outside of a café spent half studying, half enjoying the fresh air and the free wifi. To me the long nights having fun with my friends left behind. To me the long walks in the romantic streets of Paris and to me! the taste of the REAL CHOCOLATE. (probably what I missed the most! I know, right? sorry mama and papa!)

All that was great but it was without counting on that silly little feeling that doesn’t seem to want  to let you go once you found the place where you are supposed to be: the feeling of boredom, homesickness. Ok, I was feeling lost.

Yes, I was back home in my country and couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Why is that? 

Well, several reasons come to my mind: 


    c'est bon but all I want is Kimchi!!!!!!!

    KIMCHI IN MY FRIDGE. And no french smelly cheeses can replace it. I could have bought  some at the little Korean store but after receiving a formal and official ban from my parents I had to give up the idea to customize their fridge with some Korean Kimchi. Camembert trumps fermented vegetables in my parents home! (decision that I respect and understand. RELAX MA! I still love to eat cheese!No THEY didn’t change me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. NICE DINNER+SOJU+NICE DINNER AGAIN+SOJU AND BEER+A LITTLE SNACK+MEAKJU= 6am in the morning with the feeling that, indeed you had a good night, the deep knowledge of your toilets and all that for a VERY reasonnable price. And NOT: Nice dinner OR a beer OR a cocktail Or a nightclub entrance= ok let’s forget that guys, it’s too expensive, we’ll just buy the alcohol, cook and have dinner at home.We are all broke and in Paris. Partying at home has the same result for the degree of drunkenness but my stay in Korea made me so lazy, the idea of cooking, slowly separated itself from the concept of partying!!!!!! I just want to have to move my glass from the table to my mouth, is

    heaven! I'm in heaven....kidding

    that too much to ask, damn it? No cooking, No worrying about- oh God- doing the dishes the day after should be in my mimimimimind on a friday evening!

  3. SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!! AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s like looking at a mirror who looks in a mirror who…ok you get the idea. I lost the habit to walk in the street and actually BLEND IN. How can I feel special now? Boy do I miss the old ajumma and ajossis (folks) staring at me! And this weird habit that foreigners have in Korea when seeing each other in the street to nod and give that look that says:”you too? Yes me too. I see you my white brother!” I tried it in France but, well, as white people are everywhere, I decided to give the “knowing look”to the occasionnal Korean tourists but didn’t really worked… and one crazy french walking in the street, one! 
  4.  WHERE IS MY SWEET KPOP when I eat or have a cafe? All that trendy, hype, indie music is killing me! Oh! All this variety in the paris pubs: rock, electro, r&b, indie music….what to choose! I am not used to getting drunk with the sound of artsy music…weird feeling when you know you are going to forget everything but suddenly you stop drinking for a second, grab a pencil, your friend and say: “wait, before I forget, tell me who is singing that song, I want it!” (and you actually don’t feel ashamed of asking that question cause you know that singer is ”cool”…-.-) At least in Korea you know that you’ll hear the same song again and again EVERYWHERE you go, so, no need to stop drinking, life just goes on! “So don’t panic and finish your glass so I can refill it!”.
  5. Last reason (well I could find a lot more but 1-I am lazy and 2-I guess that’s the ultimate reason so I’d better finish on that): my better half waiting for me at home…need I say more?

streets of Seoul never sleep...when Paris goes on strike...I know, I know cheap shot!hihi!!



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