It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s a waygook!

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The national past time of hiking isn’t all that Korean mountains are good for. At least not in Daegu. Last weekend I traveled with a merry band of fellow English teachers to enjoy a ropes course and go zip lining at Herb Hillz (yes, with a “z”).Click here to see a video of the course, courtesy of yours-truly’s GoPro! This eco-park is open all year and offers a variety of activities: baking (cookies, pizza, chocolate), DIY crafts (ceramics, beading, woodworking), a petting zoo, amusement rides, water sports in the summer, sledding in the winter, and of course, zip lining!

Although it took close to two hours to get there from Ulsan (a bus from my apartment to the Ulsan KTX station, the KTX train to Daegu, a subway ride, bus ride and short walk), it was well worth the trip! The fall colors were still in full swing throughout the park, and we arrived in the mid-afternoon so the crowds were starting to dissipate. Yes, this meant finishing the ropes course in the dark and in cooler temperatures, but everything was well lit and the physical activity kept us warm!

For $20 we were able to enter the park and complete the 1.5-hour King Kong course (the longest route available). The entry fee covered all of our gear, as well as a brief training session…that was entirely in Korean. The employee spoke no English, so we more or less relied on his demonstrations and our own common sense to, y’know, not die. And during the course there weren’t any staff members stationed to make sure we were properly clipped/strapped/locked in before flying through the trees. Regardless, everybody made it home happy and alive.

If you ever find yourself in Daegu, I recommend this place as a fun way to do something different outside the city! You could easily spend a full day here, if not more. To get to the park, take Bus 449 from Suseong lake and get off at the Herb Hillz stop, or 급행 2 Bus (express bus) from downtown Banwoldang subway station and get off one stop before Spa Valley, then continue walking in the same direction along the main road for 5 minutes or so until you see signs for the park. Happy zip lining!


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