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Dongdaemun is one of tourists’ favorite shopping places. Although it is known as one of the famous shopping areas, people still don’t know much about how to shop well around this place.

For those who haven’t visited Dongdaemun or who don’t have much information about it, we will give you the one & only insider tips to go shopping in Dongdaemun.


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This is well-known among tourists that some Dongdaemun markets (shopping malls) prefer payment in cash. Therefore, you should stop by ATM and prepare cash in advance. There are ATMs in big shopping malls (normally on the ground floor), convenience stores and on the street as well.


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There are 2 types of stores in Dongdaemun. One is for regular shoppers and the other is forwholesaler.

Dongdaemun actually started as wholesale shops selling clothes and accessories to retailers. Since it became popular and big shopping malls were established, regular shoppers started to go shopping to Dongdaemun as well. Thus at first it was divided into two, retail only and wholesale only. Nowadays, many regular shoppers go to wholesale shops to get cheaper goods or to buy a lot.


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Normally big stores near Dongdaemun, for example, Doota or Migliore, are the retail stores. If you are a regular shopper (not a wholesaler) and want to buy pieces, go to these retail stores.


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Wholesale stores don’t sell clothes by pieces. However, the price is much cheaper compared to retail stores. If you want to buy clothes in bundle for gift or to sell, visit to the wholesale markets. Many of the popular wholesale stores are surrounding Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) such as Dongdaemun fashion town, New pyeonghwa marketDesigner ClubU:US and more.


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Normally retail stores are open at day time and wholesale shops are open at night time. This is because retailers sell clothes to customers and wholesalers sell clothes to retailers.

Doota (Retail) Opening Hours

– Sun to Thu : 10:30 ~ 24:00/ Fri & Sat : 10:30 ~ (next day) 5:00

Migliore (Retail) Opening Hours

– 11:00 ~ (next day) 5:00/ closed on Mon

Pyeonghwa market (Wholesale & Retail) opening hours

– 21:00 ~ (next day) 18:00

U:US (Wholesale) opening hours

– 20:00 ~ (next day) 6:00/ closed on Sat

Designer Club (Wholesale) opening hours

– 20:00 ~ (next day) 8:00


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Normally, to foreigners, the shops offer higher price than the fixed price. Ask them to reduce the price!

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Happy Travels & Shopping! :)

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