Insider’s Guide to Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul

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Noryangjin fish market is the most popular fish market in Seoul. It is located in Noryangjin, subway line 1 & 6, near Yeouido. Because of the convenient location and the huge size of the market, many people visit this market to buy fish. Also comparing to other markets, you can definitely get fresh and cheap sea food here. You can just look around the market to watch many kinds of fresh sea food. Let’s go inside the market together.

1. How to get to the market

If you take a subway to go to the market, find the exit 1 of Noryangjin station line #1. It may be hard to find the way to the market because it is located over the station. To go to the market, you should pass the pedestrian overpass. It is normally very crowded so you can just follow the other people. nfm-001 nfm-004 nfm-005 nfm-006 (Photos source :

2. Buy Fresh Fish & Seafood

At the fish market, you can look around many kinds of fresh fish everywhere. Most of the sellers are not good at English so you need to use body language to talk with them. The price of fish is normally fixed so compare the level of freshness. 128_20130130203305 128_20130130205951

3. Find a restaurant to eat fish

After buying fish on the ground floor, find a restaurant to eat fish on the basement or the first floor. If you go to the market on the weekends, it will be very crowded so you might have to wait for a long time to go into the restaurant. Depending on what kinds of fish you bring, how much you have to pay in the restaurant will be different.

For the raw fish, you need to pay 5,000 KRW per each person without a soup. If you order a soup, you pay 3,000 KRW per each person and the price of the soup. For grilling food such as grilled shrimp or salmon, you pay 8,000 KRW. The price of the fish itself is cheap in the market but the fee you have to pay for having it in the restaurant is expensive. If you buy different kinds of fish and cook it in various ways, to eat in Noryangjin fish market is not as cheap or even more expensive compared to the general restaurants. In the Summer, it’s better to buy a raw fish and go outside to eat it than to go to a restaurant. Untitled-19 nfm-012 p1040823

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