I thought it was fish cake!

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Nothing new seems to be coming out of Korea in terms of queer news, so I decided to translate this old article. It is hilarious. In case you don't know what 어묵 is, it is that fish cake you often see in Korea.


30대 취객 사우나서 잠자던 손님 성기 깨물고 

“어묵인줄 알았다” 오리발

"30 Year-old Drunkard Bites a Sleeping Customers Penis, Pleads Innocence Saying 
"I thought it was 어묵"

대구중부경찰서는 19일 시내 사우나 수면실에서 잠을 자던 배모씨(40)의 성기를 깨문 혐의로 이모씨(37)를 불구속 입건.
On the 19th, Mr Lee was booked without detention at Daegu police station on suspicion of biting Mr. Bae's penis in a central Daegu Sauna sleeping room. 

경찰에 따르면 이씨는 이날 오전 2시30분쯤 만취한상태에서 대구시 중구 대안동 모 사우나 수면실에서 옆에서 잠을 자던 배씨의 성기를 깨물고 흔든 혐의.
According to the police station, Mr Lee is under suspicion of biting and shaking Mr Bae's penis while under a drunken state at Mo Sauna's sleeping room in Central Daegu. 

경찰에서 이씨는 "술에 취해 성기를 어묵으로 착각했다"고 진술.
Mr Lee stated that he mistakenly took the penis for 어묵.