I Own My Phone

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I own my phone. Congratulate me. Thank you.

For two years I paid my phone bill like a diligent citizen. Included on this was a monthly instalment that paid for the actual device. I couldn’t remember how much it was because when I bought it the salesman spoke very quickly, circled pieces of writing, and showed me a lot of pieces of paper, and all the time I just wanted him to give me the blasted thing so that I could go and touch it constantly. But today I checked my bill and low and behold the bill was a whopping 50,000 won less than normal. Of course this is splendid news for my pocket as I can now divert this sizeable sum to some other bill I struggle to pay every month.

Of course it’s my phone is only a glorified paperweight that I could arguably say I don’t need. In fact I’m very sure I don’t need it. But I do have it. So there. Anyway. It’s all mine now.

One thing though which has made my *ahem* life more interesting/better/exciting/or however you choose to describe it, has been the camera on my phone. For all the other things (with the exception of the twitter for those long lonely toilet breaks) there is nothing I value my phone more for. Anyone who follows me on the internet elsewhere (instagramtwittertumblr (which is basically my instagram feed), flickr) will know that I’m a little obsessive about photographs – but I’m lazy about it.

To celebrate my now 100% of my phone and my love of photographs, allow me to share with you a collection of some photographs which I’ve taken over the past two years with this simple (looking) device. Photographs span across six countries (Korea, Ireland, England, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia) – I’ll do my best not to include too many sunsets!

(Hat tip to Craig Branch for getting me thinking about this post!)


IMG_1390 IMG_3481 IMG_3406 IMG_4512 IMG_2355 IMG_4932 IMG_3583 IMG_2938 IMG_3965 IMG_1839 2012-11-24 21.36.03 2012-12-12 10.17.20 IMG_2945 IMG_3502 IMG_3217 IMG_3237 IMG_4882 IMG_3585 2012-11-24 21.34.37 IMG_1979 IMG_2027 IMG_2180 IMG_1618 IMG_0776 IMG_4187 IMG_4159 IMG_3725 IMG_1449 IMG_2127 IMG_1440 IMG_1974 IMG_3421 IMG_4246 2012-11-23 16.11.29 IMG_3913 IMG_1636 2012-12-03 23.38.10 IMG_0827 IMG_1329 IMG_1303 IMG_2259 IMG_1040 IMG_2076 IMG_1935 IMG_2898 IMG_3886 IMG_2031 IMG_4911 IMG_3710 IMG_2727 IMG_2450 IMG_4199 IMG_4738 IMG_2959 IMG_1455 IMG_3576 2012-11-28 05.47.30 IMG_0734 IMG_2466 IMG_4020 IMG_1900 IMG_4449 IMG_0868 IMG_4979 IMG_3644 2012-11-27 17.28.39 IMG_3641 IMG_4231 IMG_3453 IMG_0095 IMG_3516 IMG_3799 IMG_4601 IMG_1099 IMG_4423 IMG_0966 IMG_2829 IMG_1404 IMG_4105 2012-12-10 08.08.26 IMG_4606 IMG_1585 IMG_3580 IMG_0865 IMG_4903 IMG_2927 IMG_4426 IMG_3101 IMG_2870 IMG_3523 IMG_2216 IMG_1479 IMG_2373 IMG_1034 2012-11-23 11.07.49 IMG_4309 IMG_4598 IMG_4417 IMG_3764 IMG_1701 IMG_3882 IMG_2699 2012-11-27 21.40.03 IMG_2779 IMG_1519 IMG_3227 IMG_3746 IMG_2895 IMG_4944 IMG_2859 IMG_4085 IMG_3927 IMG_4665 IMG_4401 IMG_4890 IMG_4049 IMG_1480 IMG_1394 IMG_3119 IMG_4662 IMG_2325 IMG_0982 IMG_3653 IMG_4542 IMG_3208 IMG_4380 IMG_2901 IMG_4414 IMG_2094 IMG_1521 IMG_3558 IMG_2433 IMG_1132 IMG_0777 IMG_3395 IMG_2090 IMG_1046 2012-12-05 15.51.46 IMG_0942 IMG_2467 IMG_3147 IMG_3428 IMG_4382 IMG_1718 IMG_1097 IMG_1403 IMG_1007 IMG_2991 IMG_2267 IMG_2217 2012-11-27 17.08.46 2012-12-09 17.39.59 IMG_0975 IMG_2175 IMG_3785 IMG_3384 IMG_4522 2012-12-06 11.13.57 2012-11-26 11.28.06 IMG_2822 IMG_4560 IMG_4680 IMG_1554 IMG_3897 IMG_4611 IMG_4293 IMG_4367 IMG_2036 IMG_4621 IMG_3041 IMG_4472 IMG_3024 IMG_0113 IMG_4221 IMG_1601 IMG_4082 IMG_0802 IMG_2168 2012-12-05 13.33.55 IMG_2769 IMG_1475 IMG_3031 IMG_4136 IMG_1429 IMG_2263 IMG_3439 2012-11-23 11.11.43 IMG_4434 IMG_1576 IMG_4582 IMG_2278 IMG_1322 IMG_4989 IMG_3525 IMG_4102 IMG_4771 IMG_3211 IMG_2402 IMG_3729 IMG_1599 2012-11-25 00.08.52 IMG_0871 IMG_3266 2012-12-03 23.37.15 IMG_3457 IMG_3696 IMG_2982

(for some reason all my photographs won’t upload…maybe too many…but you get the idea!)


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