I Feel Like A Big Deal

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Hey, I’m feeling half self-important in a kind of ecstatic kind of way.

Someone went out of their way to nominate me Blog Awards Ireland 2013 in the Best Blog of the Irish Diaspora (or something like that) category. It’s, like, amazing and stuff. Thing is I’m lumped in with about sixty other blogs, including the Irish Times Generation Emigration blog (which I don’t think is fair as it’s this person’s JOB!), and other wonderful blogs like Kate Katharina, and of course Paju‘s finest WHATAWAYGOOK (yes, I often wonder if all the capitals are necessary but then again if you met the author…).



Anyway, the point is, I don’t stand a bleeding chance. But in the meantime I’m at least going to try and get some new readers and followers and possibly try to beef up the old blog with some more up-to-date ness, including some photographs – much easier to look at then the usual 3,000 word tome I’m fond of.

So yeah, that’s the news. I’m a nominee. Of course my only advantage is that someone might actually read my blog and like it, and that someone might be a judge, or all the judges, because it’s not a voting thing. Sometimes blog writing people like my blog, so that is good. But then again I probably don’t stand a chance, which is the right attitude in all cases of competition I find myself in. It means less disappointment, y’know.

With all that in mind, I thought that I’d just finish with this thought on bloggery.






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